The Big Short" What investing did Micheal Burry do for you?

REIT's are close to guaranteed income. STOR is safer but, lower returns. DISney is entertainment not T. Google is an ad platform. The first thing businesses do in a recession is cut ads. That is the worst thing they can do and those that advertise come out of the recession as winners. W/ no debt fb can weather even gov't attacks. Altaba is just weird. Buying celg, fph, and cplg . hold gme, dis already. Best Recession portfolio I've seen.

New Market Wizards is worth a read

Some guide lines  Two secrets of trading success:
1. Preservation of capital and Home Runs.
2. It is not easy to buy a stock after you have sold it.
3. Use left brain for fundamentals and right brain for
imagination and story behind how a stock will soar.
4. Victor Sperando's goal in Wall Street is not to get
rich but to stay in business.
5. The key to success is not knowledge alone but
emotional discipline. The best analogy to this is
dieting. You know that to slim down, you need to
exercise and avoid fats. But the knowledge of this
does not make you slim. It is the discipline to do
it that counts.
6. Have a balanced life.
7. Do not buy a stock that is going down even if the
fundamentals are good. (when broker houses are
issuing 'buy' calls)
8. Never use valuation to time the market.
9. Be able to get over a loss in twenty four hours.
Otherwise, the position is too big.
10. Emotional makeup and discipline is more important
than IQ. (i.e. IQ is still important)
11. To win, you have to be …

Apple: 8 Reasons why now is Not the Time to go All In

The Stock moved Conversely to the Market today. There FAANG options with more upside. There are still 6 unsettled lawsuits outstanding. Earning are not reported til 1/29. There are no new products on the horizon. So, look elsewhere til 1/29, may, September maybe Sept or even November unless Cook implements something from my "19 things apple should change now" YouTube video b29349.               I am Long Apple.

Overcome Destructive Habits That Will Hold You Back

1. Doubting Yourself If you constantly doubt yourself and question your goals, your pessimistic feelings will loop faster and more intensely. When you think on a negative and your fear of rejection, you only fuel feelings of indecision and uncertainty. You succeed if you let yourself get unstuck in a negative thinking and if you look forward not back. You are likely to succeed if you believe in yourself and visualize (practice specific) future successes. What looks different too and for the person that you would be in when you have what you want? in the world? 2. Thinking you are owed an easier future because life has mistreated youMany people blame different circumstances or different people when things go wrong and they fail to they personally made in the potential outcomes of a situation. Sometimes it might be lack of success reference points and no one older to have guided you through youth, but you don’t have to play victim loop thoughts and blame, abuse others for our…

The Real Reason Apple, the Stock Market is down moving to get worse. What no one is mentioning

Apple's Liberal Democrat Legal dept is putting out Six lawsuit fires that they allowed to start all over the world dragging down the entire market. A Conservative attorney wouldn't be allowed this to happen. Cook should hire someone on Trump's retired legal team or the Koch Brothers at least as a consultant to prevent the next crisis.  6 international multi-national lawsuits and counting.

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Today's Business News 12/19/2019

Buying SQuare Selling GME game stop.  Dollar General testing 7,000 ft stores.  Turning closed WMT express stores into DG Plus stores w/ groceries.  I'd like an app pick up in store for Trader Joe's dried peaches. Notice from Bellow's the day they get fresh strawberries in for the season.  Amazon Go is going slow b/c the stores are so expensive. is taking business away from Amazon.

FB vs. AAPL Till end of 2018

FB will Never be as easy to make more than aapl for even a quarter over the next year. FB will be profitable w/ VR but not AR like Apple. FB will jump only if the neuro lace takes off.  Netflix will even beat FB til the end of the year, for sure. Notice how Jeremy was silent on his Telsa crack.

Amazon Transfers Billions $ From FedEx

All this cash from an ask! FedEx has been a mess since at least 9/11/2001. They let me go after, Psych medicated, Kevin mark gray, a manager with dozens of compliments against him alleged threats but, the only person around testified he wasn't threatened. I had just won the best courier in the world award. With management like this, it only takes a word from Amazon to knock Billions off the stock value. I was maxing out stock purchases and retired for years, implemented an innovative recycling system and worked w/ vanguard to open up 2 more retirement funds for the entire corp and found/recovered $100k's through Corp's have Billions just sitting there for the asking.

Scalp Trading Stock Money Using Robinhood App

Do this w/ a company you want to keep/grow.  Done this trading w/ MAT mattel over 4 days, 20 times! and collected $ every time playing with my toys.  Buy at a low Triple traced price and Set sell price at the same high side.  Set it and forget it and the $ rolls on in. Next, step up the AAPL Orchard! or another goodie   Happy Trading. look at ibillionaire (stock held by 8 or more billionaires) / robin hood 100/ in BKB.b. only.

Solution for AAPL's to Increase Sales of Tablets for the Education Problem

Sell a larger pad for less $169. 13.1 inch or larger screen for creators. Then, Children's greater courses, CT skills, ALT learning to make money, and w/ original content subscription, local community ads and events.

Ultimate Stock Trading Plan

Can I as a complete idoit follow this trading a $2,000 portfolio? changes? put all Schwab Etf or half in small cap Open a Schwab account to use study tech. graphs (YouTube vids). Use Robin hood app til you build to $25,000. Trade 1 share aapl on RH 4 times per month/ day trade rule:( pick other stocks off ibillionaire list the more the better (owned by multiple) 9 FB, 7 Google, 4 aapl, etc. Pick a new stock to look at (catalyst changes/ new product, cfo, ceo, just bought a startup, ((banks formed new lobbying group/ yesterday)), crsp (curing cancer!,  etc.),  know your sell price before you buy, set sell just after, order is filled. set new entrance and exit prices. Follow these steps for the next company, repeat. When you have $25,000 you can trade each stock once every 366 to stay under 28% / 15% tax rate. If this doesn't work let me know why and search, "stock trading plan".

My Actions for generating Wealth for a Better World

Make the Change You want to see in the world.                        Take Massive Multiple Actions as rapidly as possible. Network and Delegate through a Continuous Feedback loop.  Projects on going daily. 1. Eliminate conditions for creation of another person like my ex-wife. 2.Reduce chances of what the legal system did to 2,500,000 guys like me now down to less than 25,000/year. 3. Build Alex a better city/county: small part of the world. 4. Build a new world with people that might be worth saving. What's here now isn't and never has been, won't ever be w/o world-altering changes. Through these, I help massive amounts of people in massive ways. I bring and change the world with that change, through increased communication comes wealth.

How Does Make Money? Answer

I'm the founder of Silicon Cloud Technologies LLC, and the principal author behind Portfolio Visualizer. Most of our revenue so far has come from custom projects and API integrations based on our existing tools and platform, i.e., B2B solutions. Providing many of the tools on the web site for free to date has allowed us to collect feedback and improvement suggestions from a wide range of users including individual investors, investment professionals and researchers, and we also use the web site to showcase our capabilities to customers interested in custom solutions and API integrations. In the future we may introduce subscription-based pricing tiers based on individual vs. business use under a SaaS subscription model. Ideally our goal is to keep offering a good set of basic tools free for personal use and expand the offerings for investment professionals based on a subscription model.
Thanks, Tuomo

Easy Investing for Double digit returns

inflation is 2-3% so you are losing money! you can get 4-6% storing toilet paper or maybe postage stamps. Paper trading is a waste of time. I've had everything in AAPL for over 10 years. Apple is a buying opportunity now @170.56. The price will pop $5-10 on earnings  on 2/1 and again on Homepod sale on 9th. There's still a chance of a special dividend. The X is getting an update plus new iOS update, Siri is getting better, new portrait software. There at least 1 camera update, 4 battery increases, 1 screen, 4 speed increases for cpu, and 1 new chip upgrade in the pipeline that can be released at anytime. Apple will be over $200 and the world's first $1T. by the end of Feb 2019 or u can't go wrong w/ Wynn, brkb, or a total mkt Schwab index fund.

Invest in Bitcoin CytoCurrency for .99 1/05/2017 GBTC ETF or $3 on

sign up and buy fractional shares of GBTC. You can purchase up to $2000, buyer and sell fees are $.99 each transaction. or for $3 on $1000

How to Turn your Invention into Business by a Successful Female Inventor CEO

Get a Patent Agent, he'll submit your patent to go though the patenting process, you'll be "patent pending" for 4 years, then he'll turn you over to a Patent Attorney who will fight for your patent to be granted by the courts, once you Win your case, you'll receive the Full Patent and can begin seeking manufacturers in your industry, here's where you need to get "the numbers" to reach out to investors. Your manufacturer will tell you exactly what it would cost for your CAD designs on your product, you need the CAD's 1st, that will also determine how much your particular product will cost to make; parts, manufacturing, packaging, everything from beginning to the final product. Once you get those numbers, you will need to research & ask questions as to how much it's going to cost you to bring it onto marketplace. This includes distribution, shipping fees, & registration fees with the Gov. Bar codes for retail sales, also if deliver…

Never USE Even Visit Stealing your data/ posts

Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.  It is more evil than The opposite of it's mission statement. It has "withdrawn into it's self",not unlike Hitler. Imagine google stealing your entire online content not just your blog posts and videos and then locking you out of your entire online information. moderators will do just that on an excuse, permanently banning you from your account at anytime. For, "sock puppeting like an on going Thesis, begin "Conservative" . avoid quora.COM LIKE YOUR ONLINE LIFE depends on it because, it does.

Mall Recon Debriefing add to Ebay listings NEED IT NOW

start / recyclemate. motion sensors for escalators. suits in style  site credit 4 looking @ websites. "NEED IT NOW" Yum creamy   Charlie's (Charley's)?  Philly Cheese Steaks. Smokin Wings (have new cpns) Sephora. Replace flooring. Dockers $75! Taller clear shoe displays.  Notice if implemented. - heel cup change to adjustable.

Deep Work Formula Summary, Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

1. Rare and valuable skills (career capital)
2. Creative control over projects
3. Control over your time (which allows you to do deep work, virtuous cycle)
4. Work that has a positive impact on the world
5. Working with people you enjoy being with

The formula:

-Use deep work to learn fast and build up rare and valuable skills.
-Then apply these rare and valuable skills to the right projects so that you can build up career capital.
-Then cash in the career capital to get more creative and time control over your job.
-All the while, try to pick jobs and projects that have a positive impact and allow you to work with good people.
-However, these are usually also things that you need to trade in your career capital (rare skills and experience using them) in order to maximize.
-Don't try to save the world or have a big impact until you have the career capital to match. Otherwise, you will probably fail. You have to earn all these perks via building career capital by using deep work.

So Good They C…

“Top 15” Takeaways from Deep Work

1. Spend enough time in a state of frenetic shallowness and you permanently reduce your capacity to perform deep work.
2. I build my days around a core of carefully chosen deep work, with the shallow activities I absolutely cannot avoid batched into smaller bursts at the peripheries of my schedule.
3. Two Core Abilities for Thriving in the New Economy 1. The ability to quickly master hard things. 2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of both quality and speed.
4. High-Quality Work Produced = (Time Spent) x (Intensity of Focus)
5. Busyness as Proxy for Productivity: In the absence of clear indicators of what it means to be productive and valuable in their jobs, many knowledge workers turn back toward an industrial indicator of productivity: doing lots of stuff in a visible manner.
6. Depth-destroying behaviors such as immediate e-mail responses and an active social media presence are lauded, while avoidance of these trends generates suspicion.
7. “Who you are, what you …

Persistence? Founded McDonald's, No... "Founder" Review Lesson

It's not doing the same business processes for a long time. It's focusing on one good concept that people are using long enough so others can add to that idea with other value added, addons. These magnifiers/ vectors carry the first idea, spreading it; faster and further than the first ever could have thought possible traveled unchanged. There is a thin line between Ambition and Narcissism. Harnessing mental illness is what has caused the USA to dominate the world.

How to Make Jeans Better than Levi's

1)    .5 inches of the fabric could be removed from the bottom of the inside at the bottom of the zipper area. 2. Snip the corners of the outside leather name tag. It curls up and would look better/ save material. 3. stitch in "size tag" into waistband and lay flat and combine w/ inside the label tag into one tag so it runs along the waist stitching This way it won't flip out. These changes will help you sell more.

How to Not Procrastination Procrast-I-Nation

Here are nine strategies-
1.Calculate probabilities in modern termsWhen determining whether to complete a task / procrastinate, your brain runs a cost-benefit analysis that incorporates an estimate of the probability that you won’t ever need to complete the task. Where there was a more significant probability that we wouldn’t need to complete the task, and if you overestimate the probability that you won’t need to complete the task, you won’t be energized to complete it until the last minute.
So, make a more accurate estimate of the probability that you won’t need to complete the task based on modern times and modern individual expectations. Be conservative and take into account that things often take longer than expected.
Here are four action steps for re-calculating the probability of your obligation:
Estimate the probability that you’re not going to be obligated to do whatever it is you need to do. Take into account your brain’s tendency to perceive the probability as being lower tha…

Endless ways to improve everything that NO one is doing

cancel junk mail for all. Recycle for everyone. Share fresh food with all around you. Trim YouTube videos. report poor search engine results. Go for a walk and recycle the litter you find.

Startup Generator Guaranteed rigor to pick an idea

5 steps to facilitate progress through a system that in total should take about 30 - 40 hours to complete over a week or two.


Add rigor and discipline to your brainstorming and idea evaluation process:
Build lists of potential customer types and business or pricing models.Evaluate the opportunities where these lists overlap.Then, exit your ivory tower and evaluate the top ideas with real potential users, customers, or suppliers.This will improve your likelihood of success and waste less time down the road, even if you pivot from your original idea.
 There certainly are simpler answers like, “pick an area that is trending”, “look for a large market that hasn’t changed in 10 years”, or “convert your hobby into a business”. Unfortunately those aren’t particularly helpful, and since this question comes up often in discussions.

- implementing the idea is the hard part.
Three primary paths to a new business idea1. The spontaneous idea: The dots suddenly connect in a new way and you have an …